Dr. Karin Fikkers teaches two classes in the academic year 2017-2018. In addition to these two courses, she supervises a doctoral student and two Master Thesis students.

Introduction to Communication Science (English and Dutch)

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What do media do to people? And what do people do with media? These are two main questions in communication science. Since the start of the last century, many theories have been developed that address these questions and much empirical research has been conducted to test them. The course Introduction to Communication Science has two main goals for students: (1) acquiring basic knowledge of theories in communication science and (2) developing academic skills to work with communication theories and research to eventually be able to make a contribution.

Entertainment Communication (English)

Entertainment has become an essential component of the daily lives of billions of people worldwide. The bachelor course Entertainment Communication explores the ways in which different groups in society respond to a variety of media entertainment products. In this module, detailed attention will be paid to the relationship between the characteristics of entertainment forms, the characteristics of their audience and users, the ways in which entertainment forms are processed in the mind, and the possible effects entertainment may subsequently have on people.

Doctoral student supervision

In addition to these classes, Karin also supervises doctoral student Amber van der Wal on her project investigating early adolescentsā€™ selective exposure to different types of media entertainment content (together with Professor PattiĀ  Valkenburg). This project combines longitudinal survey data with in-depth content analysis in order to understand which adolescents are attracted to which type of (violent) television entertainment. Amber’s work received the 2018 Top Student Paper Award from the Children, Adolescents, and the Media division of the International Communication Association.